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"Diplomacy in the 21st Century"  CODE : DRI358 CREDITS : 8 " 


23-27 MAY 2022 – DEIRA DUBAI

20-24 JUNE 2022 - SOUTH AFRICA

11-15 JULY 2022 - DEIRA DUBAI


•International and Regional Organizations Staff


• Private Consultants

• Event Organisers

•Customer Relations Personnel

• Human Relations Consultants

•Administrative Professionals

•Personal Assistants and Secretaries

•Meeting and Special Events Professionals

•Business Executives and Managers



•Those whose profession requires communicating and socialising in the global marketplace

•Those who wish to sharpen, refresh and expand their knowledge on the international protocol in business and diplomacy

What you'll learn

ü  Enhanced ability to work in an international environment and understanding key elements of cross-cultural communication

ü  Fundamental skills for tomorrow's leaders (leadership; strategic thinking; decision-making; policy-making; project management; teamwork; conflict management and resolution; negotiations techniques)

ü  Upon completing this highly rigorous activity-based event, each participant will be able to manage embarrassing Protocol and Professional Enhancement

ü  Professional Image, Professionalism, Civility, Business Etiquette, Conversation skills, Networking Skills, Mingling Skills, Dining Etiquette

ü  Enhanced skills for planning, coordinating and participating in conferences and other events at the international level

ü  Enhanced professional communication style

ü  Sharpened knowledge of international business and diplomatic protocol

ü  Enhanced diplomatic use of language

ü  Refined professional public image

ü  Increased self-confidence in public relations

ü  Intensified ability to work in a multicultural environment

ü  Better understanding of international protocol and personal diplomacy

ü  Increased proficiency and competence in various forms of corporate and diplomatic communication

ü  Polished diplomatic etiquette and formal social etiquette including the fine points of dining etiquette

ü  How to manage and plan high level events for Government, Diplomats and International organisations to engage.

ü  Seating Protocol

ü  Flag Precedence

ü  Precedence and hierarchy

ü  Planning for Events

ü  Security

ü  Gift Protocol

ü  Titles of Address

ü  Hosting International Visits

ü  Pre-Arrival Arrangements

ü  Requirements for Hosting

ü  Social Affairs and Invitations

ü  Protocol Officer Responsibilities

ü  Technical Operations

ü  Increased self-confidence in official, formal and informal contacts

ü  Perfected understanding of formal and informal dress, including evening attire

 This course provides Delegates with an understanding of the institution of diplomacy —where it comes from, who are its actors, how it functions, and how it is evolving. Delegates learn how diplomats contribute to the development and execution of foreign policy. In addition to the practical aspects of the course, Delegates are introduced to theoretical bases for diplomacy.

The ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently, both orally and written, in a clear, precise, and assertive way. • Teamwork: cooperation, using individual skills and providing constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict, cultural differences, or personal skills among the members of each class.

 TRANSVERSE SKILLS • Critical thinking: intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. • Conceptual combination: fundamental cognitive process by which two or more existing basic concepts are mentally synthesized to generate a composite, higher-order concept. The products of this process are sometimes referred to as "complex concepts." This will allow the Delegates to use a finite number of concepts which they already understand to construct a potentially limitless quantity of new, related concepts.

SPECIFIC SKILLS • Global Studies: Delegates understand some of the political, economic, cultural, physical, social, and philosophical aspects of one or more of the world's nations, peoples and cultures around the world. Delegates will also recognize the role of national and international diversity in shaping their own attitudes and values as global citizens.

Diversity statement: This course embraces and maintains an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, experiences, and people. Our commitment to diversity moves beyond mere tolerance to recognizing, understanding, and welcoming the contributions of diverse groups and the value group members possess as individuals. This space will be dedicated to building a tradition of diversity with principles of equal opportunity, personal respect, and the intellectual interests of those who comprise diverse cultures. 


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